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Levashovo Memorial Cemetery

Anonymous 'grave'.  June 1990

From the guest book of Levashovo memorial cemetery

July 1, 1994
A terrible, tragic page in our history. May the Lord help Russia atone for those years and take wing.
I. Roginskaya.

July 28, 1996
A Temple is lacking. Sergei Gubachev, Saratov.

June 18, 1998
Father, once again I have visited this place of your burial, and it will be so to the end of my days until my health fails or my heart stops beating! I am more than twice your age, my poor dear papa. You could have lived longer! Your contemporaries still walk our mother earth. They are few, but still there are some. Sleep peacefully, Vasily Vasilievich Priemyshev, born in 1903 and shot on December 5, 1937 (the day of the 1st anniversary of the "Stalin Constitution").
Your son, Alexei, born in 1927 (Moscow-St.-Petersburg-Moscow)

August 5, 1999
We have no next of kin in this burial place, but we too are shaken by the common tragedy. Thanks to the staff of the museum for the opportunity to recall all that took place.
The Egorov family, Moscow

January 29, 2001
My father, Pavlovich, Franz Yosifovich, was shot in September 1937. We are grateful to those who tend this cemetery with such love and care.
May 4, 2001
We, the students of class 9-A of School No. 58, Primorsky District, visited your museum and cemetery and were shaken. Thank you so much for preserving the memory of the innocent who perished.
And we too from class 6-A of School No. 58.
And I, Andreeva, Lena, broke into tears beside the grave of Stepanov where these lines were written: "I looked for you everywhere and found you close by. Your daughter".
Together with all the others we shall grieve and remember. Yulya and Anya.
We were so sorry and shall remember the deeds of the people buried here.

Möge dieser Friedhof mithelfen, daß immer Frieden zwischen Russen und Deutschen herrscht.
Martin Schulz. München, Germany
[May this cemetery help secure lasting peace between Russians and Germans. Martin Schulz, Munich, Germany]

September 4, 2001
Every summer I come home to my beloved Leningrad. And of course each time I visit "Levashovo Wilderness", the place where I can pay my respects to the remains of my father, Barmin, Mikhail Mikhailovich (arrested and shot in November 1937). I wander from "grave to grave" and memorial to memorial. How many innocently condemned and ruthlessly annihilated lie here?!
Enormous thanks to the people who secure the repose of "Levashovo Wilderness"!
Lucia Mikhailovna Ulyakina, Leningrad-Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

September 16, 2001
Thanks to all who have helped people to hold on to the memory of the past, to forgive, to visit relatives, and to pray for the living and the dead.
Thank God, none of my kin are here. But the history of my clan is no sweeter for that.
Thank you again for the tears evoked by this place.
May the Lord keep you all!
Natalia Yemelyanenko, 29 years old, St.-Petersburg

July 17, 2002
We, guests from Khakasia, have visited the cemetery for the first time and of course were shaken by what we saw. Our hearts were very heavy after seeing it. We (Zhanna and Ivan) thank the entire staff of the museum and cemetery for their toil and patience in organizing such a good deed. Thanks to all who honor the memory of those innocent people who perished.
[Two signatures]

August 3, 2002
Many thanks and deep respect to all who safeguard the memory of the past of our long-suffering people. Strength to you and health. The great-granddaughters of Sychev, Ivan Petrovich, born in 1887 and shot in 1937, 18 days after his arrest. 9 children were left after his undeserved death, and their privations and sufferings are impossible to describe.
[Two signatures], Cherepovets, Moscow

August 8, 2002
Un gruppo da Roma che vuole ricordare, insieme ai Russi, la loro storia, la loro sofferenza.
[A group from Rome that wishes to commemorate with the Russian people their history and their sufferings.] [Ten signatures]

November 3, 2002
This is my first time in Levashovo Wilderness. We spoke more than once in history classes about the monstrousness of the political repressions in Soviet times. I couldn't believe it, but seeing that those buried here number in the thousands, I was horrified. Unhappy people! Unhappy relatives of those people, their wives and children! May they rest in peace! Deep appreciation to all those who keep the cemetery in order.
Larisa Vladimirovna Kozhemyakina

May 10-13, 2003
From Yekaterinburg.
A daughter, Tatiana Georgievna Slatyukhina (maiden name, Zolotnitskaya). Kind people including D. L. Ginzburgsky, determined the fates of 54 deaf people, including my father, Georgy Semenovich Zolotnitsky, shot on October 14, 1937, and buried here. Enormous thanks to you for your care and attention and for remembering those who perished.
I am here once again, Papa! Good-bye till next time. I am alone now, Papa. Mama is no more. She died in 1991, without learning that you had been executed. Yura visited you. He died in 1996. I am holding on! I rang the bell for you to hear. I know that you are deaf, but you will feel it. So long.

May 10, 2003
Lord, help me to remember all the good that was given to my ancestors by Thee. Mother waited 40 years for you, Father. She died in 1977. I rang the bell. You heard me.
Sergei Karpenko (Vasileostrovsky)

May 24, 2003
I sincerely thank the staff of the memorial cemetery for their sacred cause and for their care, solicitude, and excellent maintenance of the territory and organization of the museum. With very best wishes for health, happiness, success, and prosperity. With deep appreciation,
V. Lozhkin, chairman of Abez Memorial (Komi Republic)

September 3, 2004
Sunku ramiai žiūrėti į tokius žiaurumus. Tikiuosi, kad daugiau niekada tas nebepasikartos.
Alma Adamkienė (wife of the president of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus).

[It is hard to look quietly upon such ferocities. I hope that it will never happen again. Alma Adamkienė (wife of the president of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus).]

November 2, 2003
Thank you for safeguarding the memory of the Estonians who perished.
Paul-Eerik Rummo,
Minister of Population Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.
Viiu Härm Rummo

November 27, 2003
Eternal memory and honor to my great-grandfather and grandfather Brekkan, Norwegians from the Murmansk region.
Laury Fedorovich Brekkan

December 11, 2004
We, the grandchildren of Ivanovsky, Albin Ivanovich, shot on January 21, 1938, learned for the first time of the place and date of the shooting of our grandfather and have come here. The link between generations has been restored. Thank you for the memory.
P. Ivanovsky, O. Ivanovskaya, S. Ivanovsky, and their children, Moscow

February 1, 2005
Here lie the best people, shot and destroyed by Soviet power. Here too lie their executioners and those who created that accursed regime. O Lord, if only it has taught us something!
Daniil Granin.

July 24, 2005
Pascal Maubert, Consul General of France in St. Petersburg
I am a French woman. I am writing in French: Le temps passe, mais le souvenir reste [Time passes, but memory remains].
Margarite Maubert

October 3, 2005
Russians. From Moldavia.
Thank you for the bitter truth. Miroshnichenko.
Forgive us, people, and we shall all be forgiven. V. Miroshnichenko

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