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Memorial Sites

Levashovo Memorial Cemetery


The booklet on Levashovo Memorial Cemetery was published in Russian and English in 1999, 2002 and 2006 under the aegis of the Commission of Restoration of Rights of the Rehabilitated Victims of Political Repression under St Petersburg Government (publishers : DEAN, the Publishing Office of the National Library of Russia; the total run: 9 000).

The third edition was prepared by the editors of the Book of Memory, A Leningrad Martyrology and members of the Center for Recovered Names at the National Library of Russia.

Working Group: L. Bartashevich, Yu. Gruzdev, A. Oleinikov, A. Razumov
Text by A. Razumov
English translation by A. Staviskaya and J. Rosengrant
Photos by N. Balatskaya, E. Eliner, V. Meckler, P. Medvedev, A. Razumov
Electronic images by N. Mironov
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